Erb, Jr. Capitalizes on Late Race Caution, Wins Inaugural Dairyland Duel Presented by Wisconsin Corn



Wilmot, Wi (Saturday, August 18, 2018) –  In the first ever trip for the American Ethanol Late Model Tour (AELMT) to Wilmot, Wisconsin’s Wilmot Raceway, the AELMT accepted a challenge from the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour (DKLMT), to go head-to-head in the co-sanctioned Dairyland Duel.  40 of the best Late Model drivers in the Mid-West gathered for the opportunity to put one sanction at the top, and take home the $4,000 payday at the end of the 50 lap event.


The event featured a specialized AELMT format, that started with Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Qualifying.  For drivers who race with the Wisconsin based DKLMT, qualifying is a foreign concept.  However, of the four groups, DKLMT drivers took two of the quick times.  Brandon Thirlby set the overall fast time, putting over three-tenths of a second between he and the next fastest qualifier, turning a 15.099 second lap time.  Other fast qualifiers included Spencer Diercks, Brian Shirley, and Mitch McGrath.  Due to the special event, no invert was used for heat races, so the fast qualifiers lead the field to green while everyone else battled for the top four transfer spots.


Thirlby lead and won the uneventful Allstar Performance Heat Race number one.  Wisconsin Corn Growers heat race number two did not run quite as smoothly – the race was slowed three times for multiple car incidents including a three car pile up on the last lap that included David Mielke, Victor Benedetto, and Phil Ausra.  Diercks went on to pick up the win. Heat Race Number three went green to checkered after the initial restart was called back.  AELMT invader Brian Shirley picked up the win.  NUVU Fuels Heat Race Number four proved how important it was to try and transfer to the Dairyland Duel Presented by Wisconsin Corn through the heat race.  Five cautions plagued the final heat race of the evening, including two four car incidents.  Most drivers were able to continue throughout the race, which eventually saw Dennis Erb, Jr pick up the win.


Two Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) were needed to set the field for the 50 lap main event.  In Bilstein Shock Absorbers LCQ number one, Logan Arntz set the pace while the battle was for the second and final transfer spot.  Kevin Reeve and Nick Kurtz battled side by side for a number of laps before Kurtz took over the spot for what seemed like the final time.  Reeve, however, found momentum on the bottom of the race track and was able to pass Kurtz again going into turn three on lap nine.  On lap 10, Kurtz got sideways in three and four, collected the 33 of Ron Stoika, and brought out the caution with two laps to go.  Arntz and Reeve hung on to transfer to the show.  IBEC LCQ number two featured two of the top five in AELMT points, Eric Spangler and David Mielke, trying to race their way into the main event.  A single car spin on lap four, and a four car pile up on lap six were the only two cautions of the race, with DKLMT regular Mark Rose, and Spangler transferring into the show.  Mielke and Kurtz would fall back on AELMT points provisionals to start at the back of the 24 car field.


With the stage set for the Inaugural running of the Dairyland Duel, fans and crews alike were ready to get the 50-lap feature underway.  Ron Berna and Travis Stemler brought the field to green.  Brian Shirley, who started the race on the inside of row two, wasted no time getting to the front of the field, taking the point on lap three.  The field strung out over the 3/8ths oval with Shirley cutting his way through lap traffic, opening up an over seven second lead on Dennis Erb, Jr.  The first caution flag of the night would fly on lap 30 when Shirley tried to over take Stemler to place him one lap down.  Shirley, who had been working a group of cars that included Stemler for several laps, tried to go to the inside down the front straight away.  Stemler, who had been searching the racetrack looking for grip, also committed to the bottom of the racetrack, and the two cars came together in turn one.  Stemler, who was able to keep his car pointed in the right direction was able to drive away, unfortunately for Shirley, his car spun in front of the field, and officials had no choice but to throw a yellow flag – sending Shirley to the tail of the lead lap field of 10 cars.  The troubles weren’t over for Shirley, who tangled with Rich Bell on the next restart.  Bell spun on the back stretch and came to rest in the middle of the racing grove; most of the field was able to miss him, but Arntz was caught in a three car battle, and had no where to go but broad side into Bell – both cars exited the race.  From there it was green to the end with Dennis Erb, Jr staying out front to capture the win!


Today, the AELMT travels to LaSalle Speedway in LaSalle, Illinois for the American Ethanol 40 lap, $4,000 to win main event.  Crate Late Models and Street Stocks are also on the schedule for tonight.  On track events begin with AELMT Hot Laps at 6:45 p.m. with Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Qualifying to follow.   Those who can’t make the trip can log onto to enjoy flag-to-flag coverage of the event powered by Motorsports Broadcasting of Michigan, with live timing and scoring powered by Motor City Racing Promotions.


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Dairyland Duel 50 Presented by Wisconsin Corn A-Main

1. 28 Dennis Erb (AELMT)

2. 25 Jared Siefert (DKLMT)

3. 66 Rob Berna (DKLMT)

4. 15 Nick Anvelink (DKLMT)

5. 29 Spencer Diercks (AELMT)

6. M14 Brandon Thirlby (AELMT)

7. 3S Brian Shirley (AELMT)

8. 15S Taylor Scheffler (DKLMT)

9. 2 Travis Stemler (AELMT)

10. 10P Paul Parker (DKLMT)

11. 89 Brad Mueller (DKLMT)

12. 27 Eric Spangler (AELMT)

13. 87 David Mielke (AELMT)

14. 70 Jim Schmidt (DKLMT)

15. 45 Kevin Reeve (AELMT)

16. 55 Joe Bongionro (DKLMT)

17. 0R Mark Rose (DKLMT)

18. 7B Tim Buhler (DKLMT)

19. D1 Turk Letizia (DKLMT)

20. D7 Jim Letizia (DKLMT)

21. 33E Chris Engles (DKLMT)

22. 21B Rich Bell (AELMT)

23. 21A Logan Arntz (AELMT)

24. 79 Nick Kurtz (AELMT)


Bilstein Shock Absorbers Last Chance Qualifier #1

1. 21A Logan Arntz

2. 45 Kevin Reeve

3. 4 Jason Player Jr.

4. 10S Rick Scheffler

5. 12 Scott Fisk

6. 8R Bill Rezutek

7. RH21 Gregg Haskell

8. 7M Brad Mann

9. 79 Nick Kurtz

10. 33S Ron Stroika


IBEC Last Chance Qualifier #2

1. 0R Mark Rose

2. 27 Eric Spangler

3. 10X Da Schlieper

4. 74 Mitch McGrath

5. D1 Turk Letizia

6. 87 David Mielke

7. 11 Justin Reed

8. 15X Phil Ausra

9. 16 Zack Kessler

10. D7 Jim Letizia

11. 14 Victor Benedetto

12. 3 Brett Swedberg


Allstar Performance Heat 1

1. M14 Brandon Thirlby

2. 25 Jarred Seifert

3. 15S Taylor Scheffler

4. 70 Jim Schmidt

5. 21A Logan Arntz

6. 79 Nick Kurtz

7. 33S Ron Stroika

8. 10S Rick Scheffler

9. 4 Jason Playter Jr.


Wisconsin Corn Growers Association Heat 2

1. 29 Spencer Diercks

2. 15 Nick Anveling

3. 89 Brad Mueller

4. 33E Chris Engels

5. 14 Victor Benedetto

6. D1 Turk Letizia

7. 15X Phil Ausra

8. 10Z Dan Schlieper

9. 87 David Mielke

10. 3 Brad Swedberg Heat 3

1. 3S Brian Shirley

2. 2 Travis Stemler

3. 21B Rich Bell

4. 7B Tim Buhler

5. 45 Kevin Reeve

6. 12 Scott Fisk

7. 7M Brad Mann

8. RH21 Gregg Haskell

9. 8R Bill Rezutek

10. 97 Justin Schmidt


NUVU Fuels Heat 4

1. 28 Dennis Erb Jr.

2. 66 Rob Berna

3. 10P Paul Parker

4. 55 Joe Bongionro

5. 0R Mark Rose

6. 27 Eric Spangler

7. 11 Justin Reed

8. D7 Jim Letizia

9. 74 Mark McGrath

10. 16 Zack Kessler



Allstar Performance Hard Charger: 87 David Mielke

CompCams Halfway Leader: *3S Brian Shirley

ARP Most Laps Lead: *3S Brian Shirley

Quarter Master Move of the Race: *25 Jarred Siefert

Dirty Girl Raceway P10 Award: *10P Paul Parker

Motul Motor Oil Fast Qualifier: M14 Brandon Thirlby

Lane Automotive Member A: M14 Brandon Thirlby

QuickCar Member B: 4 Jason Playter Jr.

* = Non-Member, not eligible to receive award certificate




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